What is it?

Time and time again, we hear men going to salons worldwide and finding “their boys” ripped to shreds. This is an area where the skin is soft, thin and doesn’t take much for an inexperienced waxer to damage, bruise and take off skin – defeating the whole purpose!


The Bro-Zilian technique was founded by Gilly – Les Smooth’s Director. All of the team here have met or exceeded Gilly’s required high standards and expectations for the Bro-Zilian format.


It all starts with “we understand your hesitation and possible embarrassment” when entering a salon. Our bed-side manner is non-clinical yet professional and the Les Smooth team are also skilled in keeping you comfortable at all times – especially when getting into the positions that can feel awkward or ‘exposed’.

Our staff personalities play a major factor in our success and the girls are specifically selected and trained by Gilly herself – as she understands the clientele needs of men.

They must meet the seal of approval!


The Bro-Zilian’s additional success is the emphasis on our attention to detail. We do not run a “sweat-shop” style salon that is only focused on pushing clients in and out as quickly as possible for an extra buck. This attention to detail ensures your “nether-regions” won’t experience on-going discomfort such as in-growns and dry, irritated skin. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being rushed!

Don’t just get any old Brazilian wax – Go Bro-Zilian!