Upon arrival and to ensure your maximum safety and ours, we will encourage you to fill out a questionnaire to make sure there are no medical concerns. Your privacy is very important to us and any information collected is only available to Les Smooth.


Les Smooth do’s:


  • Wear loose clothing when possible.

  • Use a recommended synthetic loofah on the body after your wax.

  • Moisturize your skin with a recommended tea-tree oil base product.

  • Wear cotton underwear for the first 24 hours and no underwear at night to allow your skin to recover and breathe.

  • Have a lukewarm warm bath or shower for the first 24 hours.

  • Shower immediately after any form of exercise to clear the perspiration that could leads to bacterial infections (pimples, ingrown hairs etc.) in the pores.

  • Use a loofah three times a week or as many times that our therapist has recommended with a tea-tree based wash.

  • Ingrown hair cream is recommended for clients that are prone to them.


Les Smooth don'ts:


  • Don’t apply deodorants under the arms for 24 hours after an underarm wax.

  • Don’t use perfumed products on areas that have been waxed for 24 hours.

  • Don’t go into the sun, use saunas, steam rooms or sun-beds for 24 hours. You could burn and cause damage to the new skin, as your dead skin has been removed with the wax.

  • Don’t exercise excessively for 24 hours after waxing as this could cause possible infection in the hair follicles.

  • Don’t apply fake tan or spray tan for 24 hours after waxing.

  • Don’t apply make-up to the face after waxing for a few hours.

Les Smooth spray tan


Application with Les Smooth will take approx 10 mins. You will then be dried off and your tan will take 5-8 hours to fully develop. Please do not shower or sweat after having your treatment.


We recommend you wear loose dark clothing and undergarments to your tanning appointment. You have the option to bring your own underwear (ones you would not wear on your date) for your bikini look or we can supply you with disposable g.string. Or you can just go completely naked to get that 'all over' tan look.


If you are concerned about your skin colour, please feel free to come in the day before your tan appointment and we will do a test patch and can test your skin's compatibility. We recommend that you have your tan 24 hours after your wax.


Please still wear sunscreen as the spray tan does not contain any sunscreen protection.


Have fun looking 'healthy and sexy' without the costs of UV rays damaging your skin.