How much does it hurt?


Depending on your skin type, (sensitive skin, thick hair etc) you may experience some discomfort. Having said that, we find that most men and women find it over before they know it, and are surprised at how painless the Bro-zilian really is! Our therapists have a few techniques to minimize the pain.


If you have been shaving or trimming for a long period of time, you may experience some spot bleeding from the hair follicle straight after waxing. This is because the roots of the hair follicle are old and very strong. Continuous removal of the hair will make it sparse and the spot bleeding will stop. This only occurs the first time as you may have naturally thick or coarse hair. The more you wax the less it will hurt!


How long does it last?


After your first wax, the results can last from 4 weeks to 7 weeks, depending on the season as hair grows a lot faster in warmer weather. Continuous waxing helps the hair to become sparse.

How long does my hair have to be before my wax?

For great results, the hair should be 1cm – 2 cm in length. Do not shave 2 weeks prior to your waxing treatment.

What is hot wax?


Hot wax is a thicker wax that is spread evenly over the area. Once it has cooled and hardened, the therapist will remove it in one fast smooth motion. This type of wax is usually used on the most sensitive areas of the body. Eg. Genital, underarm, face and chest area.


What is strip wax?


Strip wax is a much thinner type of wax, like the consistency of honey. It is spread on the area very thinly and is removed with a think woven cloth. Areas such as legs, arms and back work best with this wax. We never use this wax for "precious areas" - if you've been to a salon that does, it's time you changed to us!


How long before I can show off my new tan?


Application with Les Smooth will take approx 10 mins then you will be dried off and your tan will take 5-8 hours to fully develop so please do not shower or sweat after having your treatment.


Do I need to wear sunscreen after a spray tan treatment?


Please still wear sunscreen as they spray tan does not contain any sunscreen protection.


Can I have a waxing treatment after a spray tan treatment?


We recommend that you have your tan 24 hours after your wax.


Is my therapist male or female?


All of our therapists are professionally trained females. Due to the nature of our treatments, we must take into consideration the safety of our therapists and expect professional behavior from all of our clients. We do not tolerate any inappropriate comments or behavior. If this occurs at any time, the treatment will cease immediately. In which case the client will be asked to leave our premises and full payment will be charged regardless. No further bookings will be taken from this client. The police will be notified if appropriate. Clients will be made aware of this policy upon arrival.

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