"I have been to waxers for years and never in my 100's of brazilians have I ever felt so comfortable and happy with my result...

It was a pleasure to see you and can't wait for my hair to grow back so I visit again.

Truly an experience I will promote and make sure anyone who wants a wax come to your salon, thank you. "


~ N ~

"A first-timer... did the research and all felt right... Entering it is like  'a family'...

I can't say that I immediately felt part of the family... By the time left... I did.

The best thing... being 'Les Smooth' and sleeping in clean sheets... Amazing... swimming amazing... should have done it years ago.... Gilly said, "waxing is addictive"... she is right. "

I love it.. .

~ Greg ~

"Whilst I was living in New York, I had my brazil waxing done

by the famous 'J SISTERS'.


Upon returning to Sydney, I did a lot of research looking for a Brazilian waxer.

Imagine my surprise when I heard about your salon!


I was fairly nervous, but then I met you and you completely put my fears to rest.

I can tell you that your technique is superior to the 'J SISTERS' and the salon more 'guy' friendly.


You have a client for life!"


~ Peter - Kidnap Hostage Negotiator ~

"Gilly and her team are consumate professionals with an eye for detail.

The approach taken with each client and the unique wax they have created arguably make les smooth the best salon I have visited for sensitive skin in Australia and the U.S."


~ Liz - Communications Professional ~

"Les smooth is the Holy Grail of waxing!

Not only does this place do all the right things in terms of hygiene, price and professionalism....it is always so much fun to go to!


Everyone is super friendly and efficient. I love it!!

Best treatment and results I've had.


My quest is over!!"


~ Diana - Podiatrist ~

"Thank you very much to Ashley for looking after me in such a friendly and professional way. I am a quiet and rather solitary person and I don't quite know why I am pursuing some personal grooming at this stage in my life. It was really nice to be fussed over and also given advice by the

other staff on places to go for lunch.


It was very nice to feel a little less ordinary for a short period of time.


Thank you for looking after me so well."


~ Trevor - Finance Manager ~

"I did my research for a Brazilian waxer and found 'les smooth'.

The 'les smooth' website not only provided clear information on the services provided but also created a feeling of privacy.


Let's face it; having a 'Brazilian' is a very private thing!


I was a little nervous before my first appointment. Firstly, I have had some very unpleasant experiences with some beauticians who have made me feel very uncomfortable due to my size. Secondly, I knew it was going to hurt!


Yes, there was a little sting. but nowhere near the amount I was expecting. This is because 'les smooth' specializes in 'Brazilians'. What was more important to me though, was how comfortable I was made to feel.


Love your work Gilly and the 'les smooth team'."


~ Wendy - Business Analyst ~

"My experience at les smooth was fantastic, a lot less painful than others I've had. 


All the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The environment is super

friendly and not so girly.


The result is the best wax I have ever had and I won't be going anywhere else.

I highly recommend to anyone that they should try les smooth."


~ Julian - IT Manager/Cyclist ~

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